Sound work: Drum Mountain | Bell Mountain (bees)


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Drum Mountain | Bell Mountain (bees) was part of the installation Gwenyn o Nef, Gwynion ynt (bees from heaven, white are they) which was a work created for the Sandfields Festival of Ideas a Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Offsite Project led by artist Owen Griffiths.

The work responded to the bees at Vetch Veg and the imagined future of the honey bee. It was installed next to the bee hive on Vetch Veg.




Images from the archive

On Saturday 14th July the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands transformed the exhibition space for When the moon fell out of orbit for the final time.

Images that had emerged throughout the period of the exhibition were sent out as monoprint drawings across the gallery from the bell tower, whilst sounds from the Institute’s Archive were played into the space.

You can listen to an edited version of the sounds from the archive here: Unknown Lands Images from the archive (headphones recommended)

The images being spoken are images experienced by participants on their journeys to unknown lands.

All journeys took place beneath the bell tower during When the moon fell out of orbit.

Unknown Lands process beneath the bell tower

Image of participants in ‘Unknown Lands’ process which took place when the gallery was closed beneath the bell tower. The results of this process are now part of the Archive for the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands and will form part of the closing event for When the moon fell out of orbit on July 14th.

image by emma rylance

the building of a bell tower













*** CLICK HERE to view the video the building of a bell tower ***

Building a structure as a place to which the bell can return.

notebook scan (with bell drawings)

Cambrian News, August 17th, 1899

On the new bells of St Mary’s, Swansea (who later took over St Nicholas Mission Church):

‘…the Church of St Mary would not be itself if from its stable old tower the peal which is heard amid the joys and sorrows of the whole community, helping mirth or soothing sadness, or calling to duty or preaching a solemn sermon about mans mortality should be heard.’

St Pauls Church, Sketty Bell Ringers Minutes Book

January 11th, 1911

The Chairman ‘spoke of the pride he felt in having a peal of bells, and such a Band of Ringers to use them. Interesting lessons might be drawn from the bells and applied to our lives’

‘Each bell must be of true metal, moulded to a pattern, free from flaws, muse be rung in time, be in harmony with the rest and take part in numberless changes and multiplicity of relationships. So must we be true Christians, moulded to one patter, free from conscious sin, work in harmony with God’s will, and influence those with whom we come in contact.’

The necessity of Practice, Punctuality & Perseverance towards the making of a ringer was also impressed upon us.

the bells: directions for keeping them in ringing order



















Document from Mears & Stainbank, Church Bell Foundry, Whitechapel, London. Stored at West Glamorgan Archives, possibly came as instructions for new bells for St Mary’s, Swansea in 1899.

When the moon fell out of orbit: from the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands









When the moon fell out of orbit
From the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands

Mission Gallery, Swansea, Wales

2 June- 15 July 2012

Preview: 7pm Friday 1 June

Manifesting in action, live or documented, Fern Thomas’ process-led and intuitive explorations often take the form of a physical interaction or ‘meeting’ between herself and a place, a dream, a history or another being. Drawn to notions of alchemy, her work explores ideas of transformation through object, text and sound.

Working with the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands, Thomas carries out a series of explorations into the images found in our dreams and inner landscapes. Through this engagement she wonders what these images tell of our future and questions what do we do now that the moon has fallen out of or orbit?

Events at Mission Gallery

‘Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands’

Discussion with Karen MacKinnon of Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Peter FinnemoreOwen Griffiths Fern Thomas – 2pm Saturday 7 July

Closing event 3pm Saturday 14th July – details to be confirmed

Scheduled performances throughout duration of exhibition. Please contact Mission Gallery for more information and to reserve a place. Schedule will be available closer to exhibition time.