Post-Residency Focus Group



P1000563On Tuesday 23rd July the Institute invited performance poet Howard Ingham (top image on left), who has also been working at the university and has done in various capacities for the last twenty years, to give a tour to the small focus group comprised of artists Jason Cartwright, Owen Griffiths, Becky Williams and Fern Thomas. Ingham’s tour reflected his personal account of the history, research and questions relating to the university.


Later the focus group wandered around the university buildings and grounds and sat in the cafeteria space in Fulton House to discuss issues surrounding the languages of art and science and the role of the artist in a university context. A micro project is in process to reflect this one day discussion.




Above Image: a limited edition print by Bridget Riley found on the group’s dérive in the corridors of the Wallace Building, named after Alfred Wallace, which houses science and geography.


What is it doing there? | What is it’s function in this corridor?

Sound work: Drum Mountain | Bell Mountain (bees)


Listen to the sound work -(click on orange text) >>> Drum Mountain | Bell Mountain (bees)



Drum Mountain | Bell Mountain (bees) was part of the installation Gwenyn o Nef, Gwynion ynt (bees from heaven, white are they) which was a work created for the Sandfields Festival of Ideas a Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Offsite Project led by artist Owen Griffiths.

The work responded to the bees at Vetch Veg and the imagined future of the honey bee. It was installed next to the bee hive on Vetch Veg.




Events at Mission Gallery

‘Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands’

Discussion with Karen MacKinnon of Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Peter FinnemoreOwen Griffiths Fern Thomas – 2pm Saturday 7 July

Closing event 3pm Saturday 14th July – details to be confirmed

Scheduled performances throughout duration of exhibition. Please contact Mission Gallery for more information and to reserve a place. Schedule will be available closer to exhibition time.