Sound work: Drum Mountain | Bell Mountain (bees)


Listen to the sound work -(click on orange text) >>> Drum Mountain | Bell Mountain (bees)



Drum Mountain | Bell Mountain (bees) was part of the installation Gwenyn o Nef, Gwynion ynt (bees from heaven, white are they) which was a work created for the Sandfields Festival of Ideas a Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Offsite Project led by artist Owen Griffiths.

The work responded to the bees at Vetch Veg and the imagined future of the honey bee. It was installed next to the bee hive on Vetch Veg.




Gwenyn o Nef, Gwynion ynt

Gwenyn o Nef, Gwynion ynt (bees of heaven, white are they)
















image by Eva Bartussek






image by Eva Bartussek

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