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Centre for Deep Napping & Thought – new research territory for the Institute


The Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands has formed a new research centre titled ‘Centre for Deep Napping & Thought’ which will examine the imaginal space exposed by the in between / threshold space of sleep. More information coming soon.


Documenting the residency process at Swansea University. Available now. Please contact


Workbook: Bridging the Gaps Residency Publication/Artwork – available soon






















Workbook documents the residency process of the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands whilst Artist in Residence for Bridging the Gaps, funded by EPSRC at Swansea University from September 2012 – May 2013.


It is both artwork and document. A limited amount of copies come with a ‘recipe for optimum outcomes’ badge. Please contact if you would like a copy.

Workbook Launch – Bridging the Gaps Residency


To coincide with the publication launch of Workbook to mark the end of the Bridging the Gaps Residency

>>Workbook Launch Video

click green text above for video / sound work


Transformational Dream Objects (TDO’s)


Be Our Guest – Oriel Davies Gallery









Be Our Guest, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, Powys

29 June 2013 – 04 September 2013

During the summer of 2013 a new and alternative Bed and Breakfast will open its doors at Oriel Davies for local residents and visitors to Newtown. ‘Guests’ will encounter a number of objects, sounds and experiences featured within the newly found accommodation.

Featuring work from the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands.



Future Nature Culture – Rhôd 2013












image taken on site visit to Rhôd, April 2013

Future Nature Culture

Preview 26th May – exhibition runs until 1st June 2013

featuring work from the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands

more info at

Time Travelling Deep Sea Exploration Vessel: ideas needed from Swansea Univeristy Researchers (any level)

Connected to Bridging the Gaps Residency at Swansea University, promoting and facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration.

Call for Researchers at Swansea University of any discipline and level:

The Time Travelling Deep Sea Exploration Vessel, chartered by the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands, is an exciting new development in time travel and future preservation.

Aboard the vessel will be housed the most significant, dynamic and challenging representations of research necessary for the benefit of the future. The vessel will also act as a living and working area for up to 100 people.

Researchers are invited to offer suggestions for what they think is needed for the future. This can range from specimens, certain kinds of knowledge or particular kinds of technology. Maybe you want to suggest what sort of spaces are needed, the different functions of the vessel, the material it is made out of, or the kind of living and interactive spaces required for the people aboard. It is probable that your suggestion will be connected to your current research.

It may be that your suggestion is at risk of not existing in the future and so putting it aboard the vessel will guarantee its future existence. Or perhaps your suggestion does not yet exist yet as it may be, for example, bound by time and space or gravity, but please be free and experimental with your ideas in relation to what you think we need for the future as we at the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands are committed to making it happen.

There will also be an on board library and so we also invite participants to suggest a book for the library, this can be of any discipline or genre.

There are no weight or size restrictions on board, and indeed, your suggestion may be something that is invisible, but everything will be accommodated for. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity (unless you are already experienced in the art of time travel and we have met before.)

Please send your suggestion / diagram / drawing / notes / rough sketch/ alongside your book title with your name and department via Internal Mail to:

Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands

c/o Bridging the Gaps

Singleton Abbey

Please note: the diagram above is only a suggestion of a layout. Your input will help shape the final outcome of the vessel.

Suggestions for the Time Travelling Deep Sea Exploration Vessel will close at the end of March 2013. A final version will be made public soon after. (Please also be aware that we are currently awaiting further funding in order for the building of the Time Travelling Deep Sea Exploration Vessel to commence)

Lion | Fragment | Bell, Oxford Brookes University

Lion | Fragment | Bell

at Richard Hamilton Building, Headington Hill Campus, Oxford Brookes University

17th – 23rd Sept

Open daily between 10am – 6pm

For Fragment | Lion | Bell the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands will share recent and ongoing explorations. Using the Richard Hamilton Building as its base for the duration of the IAM Festival*, the Institute will create a shifting space that will be activated by interventions and live actions, offering an opportunity to enter the world of Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands.

Please check the website for any event times and for more information

* the IAM Festival takes place in Oxford from 17th – 23rd September. Please check the website for more details:

Artist in Residence at Bridging the Gaps, Swansea University

From September the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands will be Artist in Residence for Bridging the Gaps at Swansea University. The Institute will engage with the research at Swansea University, developing a new interdisciplinary project. Updates on the research undertaken will be available on this site.